A&R Wire and Data Products Ltd.

Providing Solutions to Connect Your World

About Us

Who we are

A&R Wire and Data Products designs and manufactures custom cabling assemblies for some of the most critical applications. From Medical to Military and Industrial applications, we have worked in some of the most challenging environments.

We also supply raw materials such as Fiber, Electrical, Coax cabling and connectors for most industries. 

What we do

We help design and build industry-specific custom cabling assemblies and wire harnesses that adhere to the strictest specifications. With over 50 years of knowledge in this industry, our focus is on building lasting relationships with our clients to focus on trust, honesty, and integrity. We work with some of the largest suppliers of highly specialized cabling and connectors to build and deliver a product that exceeds our client’s requirements and expectations.

How we do it

With our extensive knowledge in the cable assembly market; and our long-standing relations with suppliers, we can supply or build a product for even the most critical applications. We take the time to look at every option your project calls for, and our team consults with you to keep you up to date on the process. Staying up to date on this ever-changing and rapidly expanding high-end market our team can provide you with the best advice and the most affordable cost to strengthen your bottom line and grow your business.

Whether you need hard to find cabling or connectors, or highly specialized and specific harnesses for sensitive applications, give us a call or send us a message and let's get the process started!